First Day at Work!

Well, it was the first day we’re supposed to work. Most of us just met our bosses and finally learned exactly what we’ll be doing. We all spent our morning at the District 6 Museum, which documents the forced removal of residents from the mixed area name District Six in Cape Town. The residents were forced out and the area bulldozed so that all-white suburbs could be built there. That’s one thing I think makes apartheid possibly harsher than American segregation. Rarely would an entire neighborhood be completely be lawfully demolished simply so white houses could be built. In America, black neighborhoods are run over for shopping malls, highways, things that supposedly “benefit” the whole community. But these places were just given eviction notices and demolished, with little warning and even less reasoning. Apartheid was a much more overt system However, some of the former residents have applied for remittances of their land and valuables that were lost because of it, and the museum is a great resource for learning about a lot of other neighborhoods that were demolished as well.

After the musuem, we went to Bread, Milk, and Honey for lunch, which is a really popular spot downtown. They had a dark chocolate tart that I wished I got, and a hot buffet with great lasagna and obviously great sandwiches. And the atmosphere is great and everyone is really friendly. It was also relatively cheap. Worked for me.

Me and my colleague are working at the Treatment Action Campaign, and we didn’t have to meet them until 3pm, so we had a nice day of sitting around downtown a little bit and exploring all the food options we have for lunch the next 7 weeks. Near us is an Ethiopian place (i wanna try it!), too many coffee shops to count, and a ton of vendors all gathered in one square. At our meeting, I found out I will be helping with the magazine they make, doing copy editing, researching and fact checking, and maybe even writing! I’ll also be helping them with an Excel spreadsheet database they have, which is perfect for me.  I’m really excited!

Lastly, we had dinner tonight at Royale, which is a great burger place. I tried an Ostrich burger! It was.. interesting. Not horrible, not great, just different. I ate it all so it couldn’t be that bad. Ok, time for sleep. First real day of work tomorrow! 


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